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Motorcycle Race Starters


Our units now ship and arrive internationally within 7/14 days of confirmed payment.

 Please contact us for details.

Rosco's Rollers Pty Ltd


We are located in Australia

Rolling Road

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Completed units

Both Wide Ride and Rolling Road units shown above. All units are now equipped with twin drive knurled rollers.

Nylon tapered rollers are no longer used.

                                                                 Wide Ride unit with updated foot switch & dual knurled steel rollers  



                    Mac Velo being started on a standard unit (see video)


 Rolling Road unit shown complete less powdercoating (Blue) and ready for shipping.

All units are of galvanised material


Commonly known as Motorcycle Starter Rollers, Motorcycle Bump Starters, Motorcycle Bump Rollers.

 Contact direct via : Roscosrollers@ 

Units are twin drive and range from 2kw (std unit)  to 3.6kw (Wide Ride unit) in power.

 All products are manufactured as galvanzised product. Powder coating is now standard with our product. Blue Blaze is our set colour for our basic units. Wide Ride units are Red. Alternative colours are available at additional cost.

 Once supplied, 'Rosco's Rollers' will have no control on your colours, design, logos, that you chose to place on your unit.

 You are free to customise your individual race unit  cosmetically as you see fit. This will  not affect your insurance

Note): We still maintain warranty period  under unusual conditions. (profiteering excluded). Ownership may change during warranty (eg: resale) and we will honour the exchange of ownership on a genuine 'Rosco's Roller' unit provided  notice of change of ownership has been given..(warranty period applies)

No unit can be used for commercial gain or profiteering (warranty becomes invalid & legal recourse will be implemented). This ensures our insurance policy is within the legal standing of our agreement.We wish to protect ourselves, but more importantly, our consumers.

One man operation.

 Weighing around 19kg (standard unit) to 23kg (wide ride unit) when packed for shipment, these units are easy to transport and locate at the racetrack.  Custom units vary, depending on order.Very compact and sturdy. The main body and components are plasma cut and folded from a single piece of 1.6mm galvanised sheet via our computerised programme, ensuring quality is consistent with each unit. Units are then powdercoated BLUE or RED , depending on item purchased.

Rolling Road unit is Blue Blaze, Wide Ride unit is Flame Red.

Designed by a renown  Kiwi classic racer, these roller kits meet the every day needs of a solo racer.

 No longer do you need a pusher or someone to run your vehicle on a roller transfer.(Now banned from Broadford Australia  due to safety issues, and progressively expanding to other race tracks)

 These units take care of the lot by solo control.
Available Internationally for road, flat track and circuit racers.  Each unit is serial numbered to ensure it is a genuine Rosco's Rollers product, and that it has been tested, approved and meets our standards. We keep all records of sales, so you are guaranteed service.

*Battery leads are standard 500mm long, but longer leads can be ordered.

Battery not included in price.

We recommend Delcor 900CCA batteries as standard.


International enquiries accepted. Contact


 Please visit our Photo or Video  gallery  to see more pictures of  our products.

Remember: Only a genuine 'Roscso's Rolling Road' maintains it's value and integrity within the racing circle.

Contact direct at:

Custom Fabrication Services

See Engineering services on main directory

 Pipe Fitting

 Pressure Vessel Welding:( DLI certification available)

 Structural Fabrication


General fabrication.

 Site work availibility.

 Hourly rate or Piece Work.

We also have concrete cutting services available:Diamond wallsawing/core drilling/ concrete cutting/ Roadsawing/Wall//floor sawing / Ringsawing. Scanning



Before Ordering: Please Read

Info Required

We have seen the easy to most difficult to start come across our pages.

 If your bike is of higher compression, tricked, or straight out set for race capacity, please let us know.

 We can gear your unit to suit your ride requirements if you provide prior and full details of your race unit. Just ask.

All race bikes start differently, and we need your input to set up a suitable starter for your individual race unit.


Fully Insured

Public and Products Liability

Policy Details

Our policy excludes liability cover to the USA and Canada (see below).

We cannot source cover for countries that adopt a letigeous aspect in regards to common laws procedures. Therefore our insurer declines the USA and Canada in this regard. (No dissrespect intended) Simply laws of the land.

 However, we have  every confidence in our product and  feel no need to discourage USA/ Canadian  enquiries.(A disclaimer form is available under documents tab)

All other countries are covered under a $5million (AUS) liability policy.

Cover Includes:

ii) Products exported to anywhere in the world except the United States of America or Canada or any country, territory or protectorate to which the laws of the United States of America or Canada apply.

 We cannot cover these countries due to our insurance

However, WE DO EXPORT TO USA & CANADA (A disclaimer form can be found under Documents tab. Complete and return to when ordering)



Please contact us in regards to shipping options.

 If you purchase a unit you will need shipping costs to include in your total price.

We ship internationally via DHL Express and can provide a quote. Just email your delivery details and we will provide a quote.

We have shipped succseefully to  UK, USA. Hawaii,Canada,  Japan,China, Italy,Switzerland,Germany,Luxembourg,Belgium, Spain,Portugaul. South Africa , South America (Uraguay), Brazil,even Chile,

Singapore and all states within Australia and NZ,.





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