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About Us

Rosco's Rollers was originally started in NZ by Ross Ennis. He built and developed various models of starter rollers, parts for classic bikes and  also the ENROSS speedway frames.

Due to Ross retiring, Rosco's Rollers Pty Ltd was formed in Australia to distribute product commercially to the international market.

Roscos Rollers are custom built to order by our Australian team (see our team).

Custom fabrication & structural engineering services are available. (machining, fabrication, erection, design, research & developement)

All team members ride regularly and have been keen motorcycle enthusiasts for many years.

An old original Rosco's unit spotted at Eastern Creek Raceway (Australia). A NZ competitor has had this unit for a number of years and uses it regularly.

Our latest model: Wide Ride unit: This unit is 3.6kw and will start almost anything.

Public and Products Liability

Unfortunately our insurance policy excludes cover to the USA and Canada (see below).

However, we still export to USA/ Canada (disclaimer form available under documents tab)

Cover Includes:

ii)  Products exported to anywhere in the world except the United States of America or Canada or any country, territory or protectorate to which the laws of the United States of America or Canada apply.

 We cannot cover these countries due to our insurance policy.

 All other countries are covered under a $5 million Liability Policy.

However, we have  every confidence in our product and  feel no need to discourage USA/ Canada enquiries.

USA/Canadian purchasers can access a disclaimer form to submit with purchase order(see documents tab on home page index)

A USA distributor is pending and insurance will be obtained in due course within USA and Canada.


Our History

Since taking on the manufacturing role of Rosco's we have seen a dramatic increase of young riders wishing to persue the sport of motorcycle racing.

 We have assisted numerous riders (both young and old) to ensure their ride starts.

 From Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, USA, Canada, Brazil, Spain, UK, Japan, Malaysia,  and NZ, to all States and Terrorities here in  Australia we have  met some wounderful clients, and assisted in their results on the track.

We have experienced some valuable feedback from seasoned riders, along with novices, to ensure our products both fit the usual requirements at a race meet, along with assisting those less experienced in track racing.

We hope that our Rolling Road and Wide Ride units assists you in both furthering and bettering your career in motorcycle racing.

We are here to support any race rider with the passion to go forward and show true potential and a desire to succeed in either the amateur or professional arena.

Despite being a small business in Australia, We value the life of biking, and will support our valued clientele, be they international or homegrown.

 TALK TO US: We are human and love dialogue.

 Geoff Ennis

Rosco's Rollers Pty Ltd (Aust)


Info Required

We have seen the easy to most diffucult to start come across our pages.

Our standard and Wide Ride units will start most bikes universally.

We do not market a unit that cannot start your bike,  given usual circumstances. If your bike is of higher compression, tricked, or straight out set for race capacity, please let us know.

If you own an old classic bike, we would love to cater to your needs.

 We can gear your unit to suit your ride requirements if you provide prior and full details of your race unit. Just ask.

All race bikes start differently, and we need your input to set up a suitable starter for your individual race unit.

Info you provide allows us to set up your individual unit to meet your needs specifically.

All bikes differ in setup and race design, but we will endevour to ensure you have the right unit to provide starting, if you give us the full information of your ride.

 Details of both ride experiance and set up of race bike are a pre requisite of all enquiries and orders


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  • "Hi Geoff Got the Roller and all is well. I use it to start my BSA A10 in the cold mornings; easy! I?ll get a video one day; meantime here?s a pic of the Beeza and my BMW [..."
    Tim Moriarty
  • "Hi Geoff, Used the roller on the weekend at the track and was very impressed how easy it started all of our bikes. The build quality of the product is of a very high standard ..."
    Glenn Tisdell
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