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USA/CANADA Purchases?

  1. I want to order your Motorcycle Starter Roller.Can you provide cost for shipping to USA.

    Standard units are$ 945 Australian plus shipping/freight.

    Wide Ride units are $1065 Australian plus shipping/freight.

    Freight to USA is generally $300 via air, for either unit.

    Depending on how you want shipped will dictate pricing. We can provide a quote on express air, regular or sea freight for you.

    Please provide zip code and direct location for shippijng quote.

    Your telephone number is also required for Australian Customs purposes.

    Be aware that our insurance policy excludes Canada/ USA or it's relater protectorates

    USA & Canadian orders must complete a disclaimer form  prior to ordering. (please see Forms on main page)

    What type of Bike/s are you wishing to start? This will dictate gearing ratios.


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How do I purchase if I am in USA or Canada?

  1. I am returning to Classic Racing and was after a roller starter. Googled and saw your ad.

    Referred to NZ Supplier

  2. Im interested in a roller starter for your norton motorcycles and i want help with what size and power i need and also some pricing information as well as shipping to dugraff ohio

    Shipping location is critical in regards to costing. Alway provide required urgency, as this dictates either sea freight or air freight costs.

  3. How do I purchase if in USA/ Canada?

    Your purchase will still occur, however, you need to sign an insurance disclaimer prior to purchase. We will send you this form to complete.

    See insurance section for details.

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Signing a disclaimer will cover USA and Canada

  1. Hi there, just wondering if the roller starters you are building would be able to be used for a trail bike. I have an xr 400 honda, and with the standard carby and the jetting i have, it runs great once it's started, but on a really cold day it doesn&

    As your ride will have knobbly tyres, you will gain less traction on a set of rollers in comparrison to a street or track bike.

    We only recommend our units on either race tyres or flattrack tyres (trials)

    We cannot gaurantee startup on knobby tyres.

    We need your ride details please.

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Old Bikes and injured riders

  1. Would these be suitable for vintage road bikes. I have a 1926 flat tank BSA (500cc single) and a bad back.

    Your flat tank can be started with ease on a Rosco's Roller unit.

    We just need to get full detail of your ride, so that we can both gear and supply the appropriate starter unit. (Higher KW is not always the answer to starting). Gearing and KW are critical to each motorcycle to ensure correct/appropriate unit is supplied.



  2. How can we help?<br> = G'day! I found your roller starters finally after looking for something to help me start my old bikes. I lost my kicking foot a few years back in a big crash and now am a little kickstart-challenged. But...I see someting a


    thanks for you enquiry.


    We do ship to USA/ CANADA. The only issue is that our Public/product liability insurance does not cover these countries.

    We can however have you sign a disclaimer form in this regard. Your Choice.

    Before considering our product, we need to know a little about you.


    What type of bike/s are you wishing to start? This gives us an indication in regards to gearing your unit to your specific bike/s

    We can build to your required needs.


    Where in USA are you located? Post code/ zip code? This allows us to calculate shipping/freight costs.

    We have shipped to Switzerland via sea freight (cheapest cost) and it takes @ 6 weeks + customs clearance. How soon do you need a unit? Air freight is more costly.


    We value your business, but will not consider sending a unit that is not appropriate for your use.

    I have a metal knee and need step boards to test and start our units. You May consider these. Just gives height and ability to bounce when you drop the clutch. (You can make yourself or we can supply at extra cost)

    How stable are you on your foot & prosthetic whilst sitting on a bike @ 3" higher than usual? (set on starter rollers)

    We are very keen to help, but need your input to provide a suitable solution that results in a win win for both you and us.



    Geoff Ennis

    ROSCO'S Race Rollers

  3. Hi Geoff, thanks for getting back so quickly.


    Below are quotes for postal options, including express post, air mail or sea freight.

    Sea Freight is cheapest

    I have an old 76 XS650 that starts on our rollers easily. Also my 2006 T100 Triumph Bonneville starts no trouble on our standard units.

    We can send you a disclaimer form which must be signed by any USA/Canadian purchaser for our insurance provider.


    Your total cost would be $900 Aus for unit, + $166.80 Aus for sea freight. Total $1,066.80 AUS payable via paypal on our web store.


    You would be responsible for any customs or import duties/taxes at your end.


    Sea freight to Switzerland & Europe takes about 6 - 8 weeks. I would suggest USA by sea would be similar.

    The unit would certainly suit your needs, provided your timing is correct.


    Let us know if you wish to proceed further and we will forward you a disclaimer to sign.



    Geoff & Wayne

    ROSCO'S Race Rollers

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General Questions

  1. inquiring about youre rollers.I have a 750 Katana race bike that will be getting a new motor in time and neede to ask a few things.

    Discussed with client. Given that he intends to go to bigger bikes in the future he wll purchase a wide ride unit in Decn 2011

  2. Do you think your roller starter would work on a motorcycle with motocross tyre?


    Due to motorcross tyres (knobblies) having limited tread surface contacting the rollers, you may encounter some difficulty.

    Some flattrack bikes can be started quite easily, but they have trials tyres usually.

    We would not guarantee success in starting your bike on our units.

    However, please see testimonial below





    I am sorry for the delayed response. My boss has been running around town for business unrelated to the roller. I have only had a chance to use it once. We started a very difficult to start Kawaski 500cc 2-stroke dirt bike. I pulled a deep cycle battery out of my F-250 that had 900cca and used it. I have to tell you the power from that roller starter was startling at first. I was very impressed with how well it worked. The thing kicked to life with so much force it hopped on the ground a tiny bit. lol. A+ in my book guys. You can use this email as testimony. I was planning a proper video and write up but I have been busy running to and from a few of the local race tracks for trackdays and endurance races.

    I will provide a write up in the near future. I just have to convince the boss to let me pick up a fresh battery for the device. I don't want to keep offering up my battery since I need it for my truck.


    Shane L Harris

    Sales & Marketing Director


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What unit suits

  1. What unit suits my bike?

    Std units are 2kw in power and are suitable for most motorcycles with tyre width of 180mm max. Weight: 19kg Shipped

    .Ideal for old classics and bucket racers.

     Wide Ride unit is 3.6kw in power and is suitable for old School harleys. laverda's, supermotards and high compression units.23 KG Shipped.

    Most bike shops opt for this unit, as it it versatile and will cover a range of bikes. For the aditional cost, a Wide Ride is the best option.



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