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Geoff, I recieved my starter yesterday. It was packaged very nicely, and arrived in great shape.

I went to the battery store and bought a new optima blue top battery, 920 CCA. It cost about 300 bucks!

A word of warning, *

I installed the cables with the wing nuts you included. After cranking for about 2 seconds, the stud on my battery melted right off! !!I took it back, and they told me to ALWAYS use hex nuts and to tighten very well.

Aparently, I did not get the wing nuts tight enough (I only used my hands)

Perhaps you might mention in the instructions to make sure to get the cables tight.

Other than that, it works great and started my BSA right up. I love it, Thanks!

Rodger Monreal

July 3, 2014 at 6:03 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Sorry for the problem Rodger.

Glad you got your Goldstar cranking.

Best wishes for the future.

Can we use your comments for the testimonial page and issues page on our website?

Your problem and comments are very valid and could well benefit others, although we have never had this issue occur before.

ALSO: be sure to push your foot switch plug in fully (tight fit) and do not remove by pulling on the cable. but use the plug to remove.



PS: a photo of your BSA would be nice to see if possible.

July 3, 2014 at 6:05 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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