Quotes Hi Geoff Got the Roller and all is well. I use it to start my BSA A10 in the cold mornings; easy! I?ll get a video one day; meantime here?s a pic of the Beeza and my BMW [a self-starter, that one]. Hope the shoulder is over the worst by now. Regards and thanks Tim Nelson, New Zealand Quotes
Tim Moriarty

Quotes Hi Geoff, Used the roller on the weekend at the track and was very impressed how easy it started all of our bikes. The build quality of the product is of a very high standard and easy to use. Many thanks for a great product. Regards, Glenn. Sept 2016 Quotes
Glenn Tisdell
Roller Purchase

Quotes hello .... john young here , this thing works great !!! just got a chance to use it for first time , last night and once today , and bike fires up so quick ... thanks geoff for saving my knee and making starting an old bike real easy. John Young. Maryland USA 25 July 2015 Quotes
John Young

Quotes Hi Geoff, Tried the starter out today and works a treat. FYI it was dropped during postage and bent the front/entry end. It was a very even hit buy the look of it because both sides appear to have taken the same impact on that light cross piece. Rough handling on concrete more then a drop from height I'd say. It might be advantageous for you to put a bit more padding/support up that end for future transits. I bent it back, say 15ยบ twist, and got the chain cover to fit OK on that end after a bit of argy-bargy. I'm not fussed as it doesn't affect the integrity of the machine and after a few race meetings it'll have a few more dings I'm sure. But other customers might get more upset as they can do sometimes. Thanks for the prompt delivery, very happy camper. Cheers Greg Parish The DAM - Classic Racing . November 2014 (Please Note:) for a small fee, your shipment can be insured. Please advise if you require insurance on your item. Quotes
Greg Parish
Happy Camper

Quotes Thank you Geoff. AS an aside I have recommended your roller to several people in the USA. I am part of an increasing number of people who have an infinity towards vintage motorcycles. Unfortunately we are aging at the same rate (or perhaps faster) than the motorcycles. So, getting up in the morning and cranking a 750cc engine has become an almost insurmountable task. Enter Roscoe?s Rollers. It?s the best tool I own? Dennis Gilligan GDG Quotes
Dennis Gilliagan- Canada

Quotes Geoff, I recieved my starter yesterday. It was packaged very nicely, and arrived in great shape. I went to the battery store and bought a new optima blue top battery, 920 CCA. It cost about 300 bucks! A word of warning, * I installed the cables with the wing nuts you included. After cranking for about 2 seconds, the stud on my battery melted right off! !!I took it back, and they told me to ALWAYS use hex nuts and to tighten very well. Aparently, I did not get the wing nuts tight enough (I only used my hands) Perhaps you might mention in the instructions to make sure to get the cables tight. Other than that, it works great and started my BSA right up. I love it, Thanks! Rodger Monreal USA Quotes
Rodger Monreal

Quotes Hi Geoff, you may use my words in your testimonial. I am very happy with the starter. It starts this old beast with no problems. The bike is a 1954 BSA Gold Star Catalina Scrambler. Dad bought it new, and had it his whole life. Now I have it. It's a 500 CC single cylinder, and these have been known to break many ankles. I recently had both a knee and hip replacement, and I was afraid I would never be able to ride this baby, now I can. Thanks Geoff. Rodger Monreal San Diego CA USA Quotes
Rodger Monreal

Quotes 13 June 2014 Hi Geoff, Love my roller. I wish I found it 50 years ago - my wife, son, and I have bump-started so many bikes when we could have been ?rolling'! If you?re not advertising in Roadracing World and antique magazines, you?re missing a lot of buyers. Best wishes, Peter Frank Okatie, SC United States Quotes
Peter Frank
Wide Ride Unit

Quotes Hi Sturgis, Sorry this update has taken a while - I've been away. The second package arrived a few days after the first and was immediately pressed into service. I have started three different bikes on the rollers, the advised technique worked a treat. I'm using a battery out of an old car at the moment - will get the recommended 900CCA unit when budget allows. Thanks for a great product - it must be one of the few things we still manufacture in Australia!! Brgds, Murray Joel Quotes
1098 Ducati Feb 8th 2012

Quotes Received rollers on Friday and gave them a crack and they worked no worries.Once I get it down pat will try and get a mate to video it and will send it to you if you want.Thanks for this makes all the time and money worthwhile knowing you can start it easy now. Tony Quotes
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