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Quotes 30/11/2011 Hi Geoff, baby arrived safely 12pm Monday. How quick was that? I,ve just ordered the battery you recommended so all looks good for the weekend, as long as it stops raining! Thankyou for your efficient and friendly service, also I'm very impressed with the roller, nice work. Thanks again, regards, Gordon Quotes
Gordon Johns
Vic Order

Quotes 24 Nov 2011 Geoff, Rollers efficacy have consistently exceeded my expectations. Great unit! Well worth the price. Dave Mutrie Thunder Bay, ON Canada Quotes
Dave Mutrie

Quotes 02/10/2011 Hi Geoff, At 67 years of age I came to the realization I was getting a bit past bump starting my bike, and thankfully decided to buy a Rosco's Roller. Right from the time I placed my order the service and advice you have given has been absolutely fantastic. Nothing was too much trouble, and the communication and follow up was excellent. The roller is of top class workmanship and quality, and I could not give yourself and team and the product a higher recommendation. Kind Regards, John Murray, Mansfield. Victoria. Quotes
John Murray

Quotes 16/09/2011 Unit shipped to Victoria, Australia. Arrived within 2 days of shipping. Hi Geoff, I picked the roller up from the Post Office this morning. Thanks for your excellent service and follow up, it's good to be able to deal with decent people. Kind Regards, John Murray. Quotes
John Murry

Quotes From NZ 10th June 2011 Queston on forum Been looking for a set of rollers that can be used to my bike at track and got a hell of a fright when I had a gander at trademe and ebay. While I'm sure the workmanship and quality of the products are fabulous, $1800.00 is just not funny. Anyone know of any (cheaper) alternatives?? Reply try Ross Ennis in Christchurch - gent of advanced years, makes an excellent set of 12v ones that he sells to other "older chaps" for starting their exotica Not certain how he got on in the wobbles, but his ph used to be 03 3886168 Note: Ross Ennis is Rosco, the original designer of Rosco's Rollers and Enross speedway frames. He is now retired and lives in Picton, NZ. Quotes

Quotes From NZ 12th June 2011 Scooter boy Bike: 89 GSXR750 PRE89 81XJ550 PRE82Location: Teretonga Ive got a set of rossco's rollers Well worth the coin we spent on getting them. Quotes

Quotes 19/04/2011 Hello, Sorry for the delayed response. My boss has been running around town for business unrelated to the roller. I have only had a chance to use it once. We started a very difficult to start Kawaski 500cc 2-stroke dirt bike. I pulled a deep cycle battery out of my F-250 that had 900cca and used it. I have to tell you the power from that roller starter was startling at first. I was very impressed with how well it worked. The thing kicked to life with so much force it hopped on the ground a tiny bit. lol. A+ in my book guys. You can use this email as testimony. I was planning a proper video and write up but I have been busy running to and from a few of the local race tracks for trackdays and endurance races. I will provide a write up in the near future. I just have to convince the boss to let me pick up a fresh battery for the device. I don't want to keep offering up my battery since I need it for my truck. Sincerely, Shane L Harris Quotes
Shane L Harris
Sales & Marketing Director

Quotes Unit picked up in Sydney, Australia 20/04/2011 It fit precisely to a duffle back I had and I was able to bring it back as carry-on although it certainly created some square eyes at Australia security. As I predicted in Hawaii, no one inquired about it. Looks like an excellent and functional bit of engineering. I like the small footprint compared to my Solo. I look forward to putting it to use. I'm pleased with the product and transaction. All the best, Audie Quotes

Quotes Hi Geoff, sorry for not answering earlier, and now I am in Singapore on business. I have tested the unit on my Norton Commando and it worked nicely. I could start the engine on which I failed by kick starting, after about 10 seconds on the roller. The battery capacity required is very high, so with a large car battery which I has in my garage, this was empty after about three trials. So I need to buy a larger one in order to have more capacity. From next week on I am on vacation and will have more occasions to use the unit and I will provide you with a video as promised. Sorry that you dropped out so early from the Football Championship, like Switzerland after the preround. Regards, Max Quotes
Max Hunziger

Quotes Hi Sturgis, Sorry for the delay- I have been busy with work and haven?t been racing for a couple of weeks. Anyway, went over the Easter break and it is working beautifully with the 13 sprocket - given the bike is absolutely straight and the tyre doesn?t touch either sidewall and the battery is charged to the max. So thank you guys very much for that and your support- it has been a refreshing experience to deal with guys who actually care for a change!!!! Best regards, Patrick Wirth MBA/Finance Recruitment Consultant t: +61 (08) 9200 4422 f: +61 (08) 9200 4423 m: +61 (08) 410 707 121 @: Quotes
Patrick Wirth

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  • "Hi Geoff Got the Roller and all is well. I use it to start my BSA A10 in the cold mornings; easy! I?ll get a video one day; meantime here?s a pic of the Beeza and my BMW [..."
    Tim Moriarty
  • "Hi Geoff, Used the roller on the weekend at the track and was very impressed how easy it started all of our bikes. The build quality of the product is of a very high standard ..."
    Glenn Tisdell
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