Motorcycle Race Starter Rollers

Motorcycle Race Starters

                      Rosco's Race Rollers

From old school racers to motorcycle nuts, Roscos' Rollers has the lot. (We got the 'mutts nutts')

We understand your need to be ready to race at any time, and can ensure your ride fires at that critical moment to produce results.

Paying race entry fees and then having your ride failing to start  leaves you not only disappointed, but often out of pocket and wishing you had an alternative.

 Try us out at your local racetrack....anytime.

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Ross Ennis (Rosco)

Ross Ennis has been into racing for the last 60 years or so in NZ . He has spent time building and developing speedway frames for the NZ market, whilst competing in local street and circuit racing events throughout the South Island of NZ.

His knowledge of both speedway and circuit racing throughout NZ  led him to develope Rosco's Rollers.

 These are now being manufactured in Australia.

Although Rosco has now stepped back from production, he still remains involved in research and developement of race accessories.

Rosco still  attends race events throughout NZ in a social capacity.

 Rosco's Rollers Pty Ltd in Australia has now taken on the challenge to make Roscos Rollers the most sought after unit in any racers kit of accessories.


Rosco: Design & Developement

Ross Ennis has been in the motorcycling environment for over 60 years. He has raced  dirt track, street  and circuit over the years and has spent time developing and building innovative options for the regular race rider. From slider track frames to race starter rollers, Rosco has spent many years developing and improving on his original designs.  Rosco's Roller Starters are now available to the international market for street, track and circuit racers.

All enquiries via Sturgis (Geoff) direct at: 

Geoff Ennis (aka Sturgis): Manufacture & Custom Orders

Rosco's son  has been involved in motorcycling since an early age and continues to ride on a regular basis.

With over 30 years engineering experience, and 35 years of riding, he has taken on the role of manufacturing  for Rosco's Rollers in Australia.  He rides a T100 Bonneville and has a 1976 Sportster as a commuter bike.

He also has a 1972 BSA Lightning undergoing restoration.

Sturgis regularly rides

All team members contribute to ongoing research and developement.

Rosco's Rolling Road and Wide Ride units are manufactured in NSW Australia.

For product enquiries


Daniel is the latest addition to our team.

As Rosco's grandson, he has shown a desire to be involved in motorcycle racing.

 Dan assists in building units to specification, depending on order requirements.

He has been a keen dirt tracker over the years, but is keen to progress to road circuit racing..

He currently has a 1972 BSA Lightning as his first restoration project.



Kayla handles all administration issues and coordinates shipping for local and international orders.
She is more than happy to assist in your order or enquiry

Feel free to contact Kayla in regards to any enquires related to orders and dispatch.

All enquires should be directed to

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  • "Hi Geoff Got the Roller and all is well. I use it to start my BSA A10 in the cold mornings; easy! I?ll get a video one day; meantime here?s a pic of the Beeza and my BMW [..."
    Tim Moriarty
  • "Hi Geoff, Used the roller on the weekend at the track and was very impressed how easy it started all of our bikes. The build quality of the product is of a very high standard ..."
    Glenn Tisdell
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