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 G'day! I found your roller starters finally after looking for something to help me start my old bikes. I lost my kicking foot a few years back in a big crash and now am a little kickstart-challenged. But...I see someting about not shipping to the USA? Is that true? Please let me know.
- Jason


 thanks for you enquiry.
We do ship to USA/ CANADA. The only issue is that our Public/product liability insurance does not cover these countries.
We can however have you sign a disclaimer form in this regard. Your Choice.
Before considering our product, we need to know a little about you.
What type of bike/s are you wishing to start? This gives us an indication in regards to gearing your unit to your specific bike/s
We can build to your required needs.
Where in USA are you located? Post code/ zip code? This allows us to calculate shipping/freight costs.
We value your business, but will not consider sending a unit that is not appropriate for your use.
I have a metal knee and need step boards to test and start our units. You May consider these. Just gives height and ability to bounce when you drop the clutch. (You can make yourself or we can supply at extra cost)
How stable are you on your foot & prosthetic whilst sitting on a bike @ 2" higher than usual? (set on starter rollers)
 We are very keen to help, but need your input to provide a suitable solution that results in a win win for both you and us.


Geoff Ennis

ROSCO'S Race Rollers

Plans for buiding your own unit

Sent: Friday, May 28, 2010 7:04 AM
Subject: RE: Starter Rollers

Hi Sturgis.

Many thanks for the price for start roller. Would you consider selling a plan so I could maybe build one?



Sorry Anthony,
Our intellectual property (including plans) cannot be sold due to copyright law and insurance.

Rosco's Rollers Pty Ltd

  Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2010 20:58:42 -0400

 Subject: Re: Rosco's Rollers Enquiry
 Hi Sturgis,
The compression on my bike is 13.1:1. I have brought things from outside of the country before, but have never  had to deal with import duties. Do you know if purchasing a roller will have fees and such to the U.S.? Where do I find more information about it? Also, do you accept Paypal as payment?  Thanks.
Jonathan L.

Hi Jonathan,
This is Wayne from Rosco's. Many thanks for your enquiry regarding our Starter Rollers.

Your compression ratio is quite high and due to this fact we would prefer to sell you a new and much more powerful unit which we should have available in about one month. Pricing and details of the new units will be available shortly. In the meantime please go to the following link which is for US Customs & Border Security to make enquiries regarding import duties and taxes to your country.  We do accept payment via Paypal or International TT.

If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Rosco's Rollers

Jeff Gehrke
Would these be suitable for vintage road bikes. I have a 1926 flat tank BSA (500cc single) and a bad back.

Many of our clients purchase units due to physical disability.
I am sure that we can provide a suitable unit to start your BSA.
 Please call Wayne on 0431 313 916 to discuss the best option for you.
 We need to gear roller units to suit bike specifications.
We are based in Sydney and will be out at Eastern Creek Raceway this Sunday if you are local.
Wayne will be expecting your call
Rosco's Rollers

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