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Motorcycle Race Starters

Please post you comments and issues regarding your unit on this page

Some models need specific gearing and power requirements to ensure a reliable start.

 We ask that you supply as much detail as possible in regards to your ride when placing an order. This ensures we build your unit as efficiently as possible to meet your needs.

 If you have multiple types of bikes to start, please notify us and we will attempt to find a happy medium for you.

Hi Sturgis,

Sorry for the delay- I have been busy with work and haven’t been racing for a couple of weeks. Anyway, went over the Easter break and it is working beautifully with the 13 sprocket - given the bike is absolutely straight and the tyre doesn’t touch either sidewall and the battery is charged to the max. So thank you guys very much for that and your support- it has been a refreshing experience to deal with guys who actually care for a change!!!!

 Best regards,

Patrick Wirth

Battery Connections

Geoff, I recieved my starter yesterday. It was packaged very nicely, and arrived in great shape.
I went to the battery store and bought a new optima blue top battery, 920 CCA. It cost about 300 bucks!
A word of warning, *
I installed the cables with the wing nuts you included. After cranking for about 2 seconds, the stud
 on my battery melted right off! !!I took it back, and they told me to ALWAYS use hex nuts and to
tighten very well.
Aparently, I did not get the wing nuts tight enough (I only used my hands)
Perhaps you might mention in the instructions to make sure to get the cables tight.
Other than that, it works great and started my BSA right up. I love it, Thanks!
Rodger Monreal

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  • "Hi Geoff Got the Roller and all is well. I use it to start my BSA A10 in the cold mornings; easy! I?ll get a video one day; meantime here?s a pic of the Beeza and my BMW [..."
    Tim Moriarty
  • "Hi Geoff, Used the roller on the weekend at the track and was very impressed how easy it started all of our bikes. The build quality of the product is of a very high standard ..."
    Glenn Tisdell
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